I look this bad.

I don’t feel no better, either.


Today I walked away from a fight, let a man go instead of arresting him for contempt of cop.

I mean, obstructing a peace officer in the performance of his duties.

I did it, though. I did the math, knew it was going to go bad, took a deep breath and sent him on his way.

Look at who’s all growed up.

Of course, the second I let him go, he started bragging to his friends and family gathered around how I was going to arrest him but I was too big a pussy to do it.


I thought I was going to bust my teeth.


Instead, I just shook my head and got in my car and left.


It wasn’t nothing. He just lied to me. Bald-faced, flat-out, lied. And it didn’t matter, I got done what needed doing just the same.

I still might bust my teeth.

But I didn’t bust his, and that’s what matters tonight.


Namaste, you princes of new england, you sons a bitches!