Fully engaged in the whole catastrophe.

14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Who is this? This is Joe C.

  2. Joe C., this is Scott.

  3. I love your art of Howard from my series of stories. May I have a copy?

    • Francine-

      Wow! How wonderful to hear that you like the art, and yes, you can have a copy. I have to say that it was your wonderful photography that drew me in to Howard’s story, his face moved me so deeply, and you captured something so powerful in him that I knew immediately I wanted to base a piece on him.

      You can reach me at scottodom symbol for at att.net.

      If you want to just grab a digital copy, please do so, and if you’d like a print I’d be happy to send you one.

      Also, I owe you an apology for the blatant theft of your image. I am sorry.

      but really glad you like it anyway.



  4. prevailtraining said:


    Do you mind if I link your ECQC review at Prevail? I think you really capture the essence of it.

  5. Happy birthday my friend. Hope all is well with you and yours.


  6. scott, i have a new blog, open to all. please bring me up to date:
    thanks bud. jim

  7. hey scott-i was hoping to reach out to you via email. can you contact me at rainorshine999@gmail.com? thanks! april

  8. Wonderful to read ur blog. I am at awe with all the introspection. Kudos to you for that.

    Wishing u a beautiful new year, full of happiness and love.

    Amma’s message last night talked about hope and happiness in a world full of suffering. We need to plant the right seeds. I believe you are.

    Happy New Year!!


  9. Enjoyed your Bob Wells interview and LOVE YOUR BLOG, Art, Thought, Truth and Life! Hope to meet you on the Road! We plan to purchase this summer and hit the trail this fall! Blessing upon you and your bride!

  10. I too saw you and your fab wife on Bob Wells and now I want an Airstream. Go figure. Your writing is astonishing. Words to ponder, bringing thoughts abound.

  11. Phil Schellenger Petty 3rd cook on this ship in san diego 1968,best years of life great shipmates.we all had so good. said:

    Phil i was a Petty 3rd class on her in 67 and68 the best duty had along with theUSCG Stores,and the best cook, on both ships.Miss the crews and those great times.

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