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I am bone tired today and grateful for it. Today we had SWAT training and we
PT’d in the rain and shot in the rain and for ten hours I was wet and tired and
cold and practicing my killing skills. Hard to imagine a better day.

What’s good:

my wife
my child
my job
my dogs
my home
my family
my appetite
my sleep
my sore body

What isn’t so good:

behind on my writing
letting down someone who is counting on me
not meditating
not exercising enough
drinking too much
my fat belly
attachment to my ego

Blessed beyond reason, I still find ways to grump and moan and bitch and wrap myself around my own axle. Each small impediment becomes the day’s drama, each imagined triumph feeds my ego and makes me feel important. But I have fun and I am learning daily how not to take any of this seriously. I read the other day that the way to banish the devil is to laugh at him. I’d say the same thing about ego.

Of course, I’m still a slave to mine.

Laurel sent me her pic today, so I’m going to get to work on a new collage piece for her.
Yay, Laurel!

I guess Jack’s birthday was the other day, so Happy Birthday to you, Jacko!

If you have it in you, send a good thought my way. I’m sending all mine to you.