Orthetrum Sabina Sabina



Today we met a nice lady named Judith. She’s full-timing in her little Airstream Hi-Top Van. We saw her out by our camp last night and then ran into her in town in front of the library today. All the homeless and the van tramps hang out there, getting on the wifi and tending to their electronic lives on laptops and smart phones. Judith said hi to me and I was so happy that she did. I’d seen her face and immediately wanted to talk to her, to hang out with her- something warm and wise and friendly in her eyes, something that radiated kindness. She told me a little bit about her life on the road and what she’d left and what she was doing. She has serious environmental allergies to modern life, so she packed up her stuff and got on the road. She does some kind of quantum vibrational healing that involves a computer and various frequencies and also some body energy work. It sounded woo-woo as all get out, but I sensed that she was sincere about it and in my new openness I guess it might work as well as anything.Hell, all I’m doing all day long is chanting and praying and aligning myself with the five elements and reading about mystics and wandering out in the desert, so who am I to say. I was proud of her for taking the leap all by herself. Her son called a couple of times while we were talking, worried about a weather system that’s moving into San Diego tonight. Yolie came out of the library and joined us and we all had a hell of a nice talk. It was like three best friends catching up after years apart.

Anyway, she was sweet and wonderful and helpful and as we were talking this guy walked by with a backpack on and a boonie hat and he slows down and points and Judith says, “Thomas?” and Thomas says, “Judith!” and that’s how we met Thomas. Judith described him as “a real minimalist” and she was correct. He has whittled his life down to what fits in his backpack. He radiated joy and peacefulness, a wandering bodhisattva if ever I’ve seen one. He applauded us on our own journey of downsizing and then we were all talking about the transformation that life undergoes when you embark on this kind of a path. Kindred spirits all around. Thomas showed us his tattoo on his forearm- “Always now.” I felt like I was encountering a version of myself on some parallel pathway.

And I think this is just an inkling of what awaits us. We have arrived in a new world, one where everyone is kind, and helpful, and mystical, and a little bit wild and a little bit strange and it is a fucking wonder and I want to go and go and go on into it.



We learn a hundred new tricks a day about how to live in the Airstream. What goes where, what needs to go and what needs to come aboard. The pod talks to us, tells us what she needs. And we listen. It’s a beautiful relationship.

I get deep pleasure from neatening up, sweeping and taking out the trash, doing the dishes with two cups of water and a drop of soap, washing my underwear in the cold water that comes from the shower and then jumping in when it heats up, getting wet, shutting it off, lathering up, then rinsing off under a luxurious eight or nine seconds of hot running water. The shower is so small and perfect that it stays nice and warm with the water off. Maybe two gallons for each shower? I don’t know, but it’s not much. And you emerge clean and happy.

I pee and poop outside. I am like a dog or a coyote in this, and it makes me happy, too.

I am up before the sun and do my sitting as it rises. I sit under the wheeling stars of an evening with my beloved and chat or simply reflect in silence. We are reading Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley to each other every night, taking turns. It’s a sweet and nurturing way to spend an evening. We cook and clean up, we tidy up, we go for walks, we come back and eat. We plan our trips into town, monitor our water supply and foodstuffs. Our battery power and solar. We feed the dog and track her down when she wanders out into the desert.

I want to do this for a hundred thousand years, but if I die tonight I will die happy because I got to do it for a week and that’s pretty damn good.



May you be happy and at peace. May your obstacles be removed. May all your wishes be granted. May you find what you seek in this very moment- the only moment there is any hope at all of finding anything.


Listen to me go on.