airstream door.jpg



Well. Here’s a shot I took yesterday after the rains as the sun began to set.

We are doing okay.




We’re still in a kind of no-man’s land between our previous lives and the lives we’re moving into. Lots of details left to attend to- changing addresses, getting vehicles registered and insured, still offloading stuff to Goodwill and American Vets. Trying to figure out how to store the knives and forks.

One thing we learned is not to park in the shade of the pine trees if we want to charge up our batteries with our solar panels. Ha ha ha. Also we learned that we need to close the roof vents when it rains or it rains inside too. Our old house did not have any windows in the roof. Ha ha ha ha ha.

One weird thing is the dog. She fucking loves the van, but she hates the trailer. She stands in the Airstream with her nose on the door, begging to be let out. Then when we let her out she hobbles over to the van and tries to get in it. If we let her in, she clamber up in there and sleep the day away.

I don’t get it.


airstream ohm


It didn’t feel like home till I put the ohm on her.



van and airstreaminterior


There’s a shot of the Sportsmobile and the Airstream living together at long last. The last one is a shot of the Airstream in her undies.


We are home.




It feels really, really good. Lots and lots to learn, lots of mistakes yet to make. But damn if we didn’t get to the other side of the bridge.



Big love to you all. Namaste.


And it’s going to be intermittent around here. Internet is spotty and we’re figuring out a whole new life. Please keep coming by and saying hi, but know that it’s awkward for me to create longer posts. Postcards for now!



thank you all for all of your prayers and well wishes. we are living on them!