Ed and Helga contemplate the garden in their new Eden.




We made it down to San Diego and grabbed up our new airstream. It took a couple of hours to hook it up and drag it off, but we made our nervous way north without incident. That thing tows like a dream with the beefy weight-distribution hitch. We get pushed over a little bit every time someone passes us, but we move as a unit so there’s no swaying of the trailer behind us. My buddy had a trailer flip over on him and get totaled, so I’m wary of that. But we managed just fine.

We camped overnight at Ocean Mesa campground near El Capitan state beach, just north of Santa Barbara. Almost a hundred bucks a night, but there was lots of pool and hot tub and fancy “glamping” food and drink. Lots of rich folk with huge rigs “roughing” it.

Like us.

We ended up camped right next to Matthew Hoffman, of Hoffman architects, the guy who did the most beautiful airstream renovation I’ve ever seen, and then turned it into a business. He’s the guy who was my first inspiration for living in an airstream. I saw what he’d done and thought “I could live in that.”

It seemed like a kinda big sign from the Universe that we ended up right next to him on our first night. Maybe it was just coincidence. But I’m dubious of that.

The next morning we hooked up again and drove north. Parked in front of my mom and stepdad’s place and loaded up all our earthly possessions into the rig. (Thank you for letting us moochdock the last few days!)We’ve been paring down and paring down and paring down, but we still had lots and lots of stuff to load up. But my amazing wife squirreled away everything as fast as I could bring her boxes to unpack, and in a couple of hours we were loaded up and pulled out again, headed north to San Simeon campground where we were hoping for a spot we could hang out in until Thanksgiving.

Again the gods smiled on us and we found the place pretty much wide open. I got to back up the rig for the first time into a space, and again with Yolie’s help it was pretty painless.

I think this gig is going to be pretty sweet.

So, we spent the night nesting, looking for where to put everything, trying to get artwork up, seeing what works. Listening to music and laughing and looking at each other all lit up and happy and knowing we’d done something big, something spectacular and brave and wild and at long last we were on the other side of the whole sheebang and we were starting this new thing, this amazing life on the road. We’ve still got five days to figure stuff out, refine a bit more, figure out how stuff works, have Thanksgiving dinner with everyone and say goodbye- then we’ll be out in the deep water, destination unknown.



Namaste. Thank you all for your well-wishes and prayers- they were all felt, and all necessary!


May you be happy and free from suffering.