So we took off to Phoenix for the weekend in search of our Airstream. We went out to meet a guy who had an old one for sale, a 1976 Argosy. Older than we wanted, but cheaper, too. And the ad said it was camp ready, all systems updated, functional, good to go.

So off we went.

We boondocked for the night in Quartzsite, just pulled off the highway and drove off into the desert. It was a sweet, sweet taste of what’s to come for us I think. The night was cool and dark and the sky vast and ablaze with stars, the milky way ribboned through it.

We broke camp in the morning and drove into Phoenix. The rig was a bust, total piece of crap- lots of new silver spray paint trying to cover up the rust and holes and missing hardware.

So we passed on that.

Yolie found us another rig nearby on Craigslist in about five minutes, and we drove out there- it was perfect, just what we were looking for, great price. We were certain that the universe was conspiring to lead us all the way out here with that crappy rig just to get us to this one, this shining jewel. We drove up and got out just as a guy was counting out a fist full of cash into the seller’s hand.

Busted again.

That one hurt, too. A nut kick. We drove off in silence, kind of stunned and sick feeling. Everywhere we turned these Airstreams were appearing then drifting away from us, always out of reach, turning into smoke.

So we headed home again. A long day of driving ahead of us, and nothing to show for it and nothing on the horizon that we could hang our hopes on. But we were together, and in our sportsmobile on the road, and we could really taste what our life might be like in a few short weeks.

The past several months have been difficult for us. Lots of hard work and uncertainty and busting ass to get the house in shape and sold, all while juggling our daughter and her kids moving in, moving out, moving back in, moving back out- all of our lives jumbled up and impossible.

But here we were driving into the setting sun on a desert highway in companionable silence, happy as clams despite our disappointment.

It was good.


And before we got home we had another Airstream in our sights. We talked it over and decided to go ahead and look at higher priced rigs, and we found one right away. A dream trailer, very nice compared to what we’ve been looking at. Still not new, not the top of the line, but in good shape and what needs work is cosmetic, the things we’re both really good at doing- turning a so-so space into a beautiful and welcoming home. So on Sunday morning we loaded up again and headed north this time, three hours drive into Los Banos.

We looked at it, we liked it, and we’re in negotiations with the dealer now.

I will keep you posted. Please say a prayer for us if that’s your thing, or wish us well, keep your fingers crossed, light a candle.

Let this one be ours.


Last night was my last Sunday night! Never again will I live through the dreaded Sunday before work blues.

A strange ritual to let go of, but one I welcome.

And now I’m in my last week of work. Still too much to do, but I have faith that everything is going to be just fine.


Namaste, my good friends.