Regard All Dharmas as Dreams

The vast majority of seekers I meet are making several key errors. Waiting for something to happen, rather than seeing what is already here. Visiting other people who they believe ‘have the understanding’, rather than looking into their own being to see what it is. Being fascinated by emotional and psychological drama of themselves and others, rather than being sincerely interested in what is present and free of the personality. Mistaking spiritual concepts for actual non-conceptual recognition of what is being pointed to. Giving the separate self or individual reference point most of the emphasis or reality, in spite of whatever else has been recognized. Examine your experience to see if any of these faulty views are still flying under the radar. If so, you can see them and discard them.

John Wheeler

I saw this quote this morning on Wonder, Silence, Gratitude and it was exactly what I needed to be reminded of this morning. I’ve been struggling with the contents of my mind, the flaring up of negative emotions- despite knowing and understanding that they are only displays of mind- I’ve been caught up in them, been caught up in my continually unfolding narrative of what it is to be me- rather than being open to what really is, moment to moment.

This awareness requires no self to observe- the self is superfluous to the present moment and to the vast wildness and limitless luminosity of the way things are and always are. Since the self is so painful to experience, so fraught with anxiety, sadness, grief, disappointment, longing, hiding, fear, greed- in a word, dissatisfaction with what is in all its myriad forms- why not let go of it?

I’m always looking for a corner to hide in, a way out, a secret moment or a secret place where I’m safe, where the rules don’t apply to me. This must be rooted out. Or turned away from. It’s like we’re being asked to give up our security blanket and to step, at long last, into the real world. I do it, but then I go back to my blanket, back to my messy, stinky nest of ego. At this stage, as a beginner, I have to keep doing this, over and over, until I gain some stability and understanding of living in the light, living without reference point, living in the luminous, limitless present.

Anyway, more narrative about me.