So, back from retreat.

A week in the woods near Badger, population 140. Seven Circles retreat center.

We began each day at 6 am with an hour and a half of practice- for me this was prostration practice, just like always. Then breakfast, then another session, then a teaching, then lunch, then another session, then another session, then dinner, then another session, then a small group meeting, then study, then lights out at 10:30 pm.

Lots of practice. Lots of prostrations. Lots of Dharma. Some noble silence, some talking. Rubbing away the hard edges, burnishing, burnishing, burnishing, revealing the radiance that has always been there.

I am that radiance.

Of course, there isn’t any me there to be that radiance at all. At most, I’m this hollow mirage through which the radiance manifests.

And I’m still, at the same time, just the same old ordinary tearful dishwasher.


It’s hard to overstate how much I got out of this retreat. I wonder if any of you will experience the benefits from it- I certainly had you there with me for every prostration, could hear you reciting with me for every prayer. If you haven’t felt it yet, then start paying attention- something big is coming your way.

All I got, which was enormous, I dedicate to the benefit of all beings, I give it away to everyone. May you be happy!


I want to thank my wife for letting me take this time in the middle of a very difficult moment in our lives. It was a big ask, and she totally supported me. I am so grateful to her.

She’s a pretty big deal around here.


I hope you’re not getting sick of me, all this Buddhist stuff, not so much blood and guts and angst around here any more. Kind of quieter, more tranquil. I won’t be mad if you fall asleep.

I’ll bring you a blanket and a pillow.


I’m back in the real world, and I gotta tell you, it’s all just exactly how it is!


There’s so much unsaid here, like when you look out at the ocean, you know all that mass of water and life that’s underneath what you can see- the surface is just a thin little scrim…