Last night Shamar Rinpoche’s remains were cremated at his monastery Shar Minub on the outskirts of Kathmandu, according to his wishes and with the benevolent permission of the Neapalese government.

I am very happy that this ceremony was carried out according to his wishes. Many, many blessings will flow from this.

I have received so many blessings personally from my teacher, and these blessings have only continued and multiplied since his death. Since there’s no longer any differentiation for me between his physical being and his non-physical being, I find myself in his presence all the time, whenever I think of him. I know that I am not separate from him in any way that matters.

It is my profound wish that I can contribute to his goal- the enlightenment of every sentient being without exception.


Thank you to everyone who made this possible with your prayers and well-wishes!







 Here is a very beautiful and moving description of the cremation ceremony by my Dharma friend Jourdie over at purely subjective. It’s worth a read just for the writing and beautiful photographs, and it is a visceral, powerful example of the love and devotion that flows from a dedicated student to a highly realized teacher. I want to thank Jourdie for sharing her experience with us, it helps me feel almost as if I were there.