This one’s just for me, and for anyone else who wants to watch it. A short film documenting the movement of Shamar Rinpoche’s kudung from Karmapa International Buddhist Institute in Delhi to Diwakar Buddhist Academy in Kalimpong.

Many thanks to the filmmaker for this moving and beautiful film.



Shamar Rinpoche: The Road To Kalimpong

Everything, everything is impermanent.
Nothing is permanent, so you should be aware of it.
Therefore, you should not be surprised when something is changed.
Not permanent.
So you should accept it, you should understand that things are not permanent.

If you think whether there is a chance to be liberated, or get out of these problems of suffering or whatever,
Yes, there is!
It’s naturally there, naturally.

It is not that you have to depend on a kind of, somebody’s blessings,
The cure is within you.

All the phenomena does not carry any substantial existence, or ultimate existence.
It is, it carries, the quality of illusion.
Therefore, Buddhism is a great knowledge,
Buddhism follows the nature of phenomena.

The Buddhist view follows the nature of phenomena,
and by knowing so you can cure the problems,
you can develop the cure from within it.

So meditation follows the nature, it is a natural antidote.
So once you learn the meditation and how to improve your wisdom,
How to overcome all your illusions, all your ignorance.

Everything, everything is impermanent.
It is, you will change, it will be changed.
So, yes, change is inevitable.






Before I entered this path, I never really understood devotion. It was a big blank spot on my map of the world, vaguely peopled with sea-monsters and dragons, the shoreline unmarked.

It is a country I am astounded to find myself in.