Shamar Rinpoche Chenrezig empowerment


Shamar Rinpoche, the 14th Shamarpa and the spiritual head of my lineage, passed away this morning in Germany.

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to take refuge from him and to receive teachings and blessings from him. I am sad for us that we have lost his physical presence in this world, but I also know that he will continue to emanate blessings continuously for the benefit of all beings, and that he will never be separate from us in any way that matters. Every living things dies, even the Buddha died, there’s no escape from the death of the body. We are all here on such a provisional basis, for such a brief time. It is good if we can use this brief time to benefit others, as the Sharmapa has done with his life and will continue to do in the next.

I pray that he will have safe passage through the bardos and continue to manifest Bodhisattva activity for the benefit of all beings who are suffering.