I was filling out my advance directive this week and I had a couple of the guys in the office sign it as witnesses.

One guy says, “You want them to pull the plug if you’re fucked up?”

“Yeah. That’s the general idea.”

“So….like, a splinter or something, I make sure they take you out?”





The other guy says, “Okay, so I make sure they pull the plug on you?”


He thinks about it for a second, a frown on his face. Then he lights up, big smile,

“But then I get to avenge your death, right?”



You gotta love these guys.




I’m in one of those kind of becalmed states. Things are steady and easy everywhere I look. My kid is clean and sober and happy, as happy as I’ve ever seen her since she was about seven or eight. My beautiful wife loves me and we get to spend most evenings on the sofa, drinking our tea and watching NYPD Blue or Deadwood or some other good old show on Netflix. I rub her feet while she knits, it’s quiet and calm and restful, the dark night all outside around us but we’re snug as two little bugs under one of the quilts she made, contented, nothing bad happening anywhere except on the TV. My family is good, no one is dying or in the hospital or even sick right now. We’re just pullin’ easy on the oars in the deep water, no rocks in sight, no storms on the horizon, plenty of food laid in.

I’ll be fifty this year, it seems like a gift this world’s given me. This life, this much goodness in it.




May you be as blessed.