Ezra died last week.


I never knew him but I cooked a lot of the food he made after watching his videos of him making it. He filled our bellies plenty of times like that. That man spread his love and his amazing big heart into the world and fed us all. And we were starving for it. I keep feeling sad but then the sadness just gets washed away with joy at his big love, his light and his courage and goodness. I can’t imagine Hil’s devastation at his passing, but I envy her, too, having that man in her life for even a single day.

I think we’d all be wise to follow his example when it comes to living and dying. He did both as if they were all that ever mattered.


Well played, sir.




I was on this run up in the hills today at lunch. I’m trying to do this lucid dreaming thing so one of the things I do, which is also a very Buddhist thing to do, is to tell myself all the time that I am dreaming. So, you know, running along through the trees and along the trail and saying the whole time, “Dude, this is a dream, this really is a dream. Look how lifelike everything is! It’s so cool!” And I ran past this big stand of poison oak and I thought about how fucking weird that was, that here’s this strange looking plant that is all red-leaved and wild looking and the thing is, it’s poisonous- it will make you break out in blisters all over your body if you touch it! And that just seemed like, okay, wait a minute, maybe I really am dreaming. That’s fucking strange.

And then everything seemed strange and dreamlike. I’m running through these trees, breathing hard, and what I’m breathing in is what the trees are breathing out! And what I’m breathing out is what they’re breathing in! That’s perfectly normal, right? And there are little creatures, no bigger than my hand, and they’re all up in these trees and they fly through the air and sing in magical voices!

The shit just went on and on like that.


Regard all dharmas as dreams, indeed.




I hope that your day brings you something magical and dreamlike that helps you wake up to how things really are.