Got to spend this morning at the range with some Israeli commandos, shooting their Tavor assault rifles. Nice bit of kit, that. Bull-pup configuration, which allows you to run a full-length barrel but keep the overall length down to something more like a subgun or a SBR (short-barreled rifle), which is good for working in buildings, cars, and other tight spaces. And with the full-length barrel you still get the ballistic performance that allows you to run the gun accurately out to distances of 400 meters without much trouble. Their package has a lot going for it, and it was a ton of fun to shoot. Plus, you know, Israeli commandos. I mean, come on.


Fun with guns!

Just another shitty day at work!



We’ve got our own range training coming up on Friday, too, so I’m getting lots of trigger time in this week. Always good for my mood.


I got nothing else for you today, man. I like to shoot. One thing, though. It was a bunch of us out there today for this demo of this new weapon system, guys from the Sheriff’s Department and a bunch of other local agencies, a lot of guys I used to be on SWAT with. My little brother was out there, too, running the range and getting his shooting on. Anyway, it was fucking cool to see these guys, the guys I know who are really switched on, go out there and pick up this new weapon system and put it through its paces. Like handing a new violin to a serious violinist. Even though they’ve never seen one before, they know what to do with it, and they know what they want it to do, and they’re aces at figuring it out on the fly. It’s just cool as shit to me to run with guys who know what they’re doing, and to be able to watch them at work. It always gives me a deep sense of pleasure.

And a tip of the hat to those Israeli dudes. They had this classroom session before we started shooting, where they were sort of putting on the dog and pony show about the weapon system, but what they kept saying was, “Well, I’m not gonna say too much about this because you’re not going to give a shit about what I say until you’ve shot the thing. Then when you’ve shot it, we can talk about it, answer your questions.” Which was spot on.

Those guys had some hard bark on them.


I liked the hell out of them.