We Are Told Of Many Glories copy



maybe i don’t got nothing to say after all.


here’s what though. tonight I’m going over to my Mom’s house for my grandmother’s 90th birthday with my 22 yr. old pregnant daughter and my two yr. old grandbaby and that’s a long spread of years of which I am smack in the middle.

you start to get the sense that you really are on a shuffle down a long, winding chute that narrows to a little shaft at the end of which is a man with a pneumatic bolt gun that’s going to drop you like a bad habit.

meanwhile all them kids get in line behind you, start pushin’ you on.

in a big hurry, too.




What I will say is that I have an appreciation for all of this beauty in the midst of all of this horror and I guess they get on all right together.


I am glad of my wife, glad of other sufficiencies.