three on a match copy


Okay, it’s been a while I guess.

I admit it.

A year and a half about. I enjoyed the time off, I really did. But I missed this place and I missed doing art and I really missed you.

Any of you that’s still left.

I’m not going to try and catch you all up at once. It can be a kind of slow conversation, easygoing.

What’s going on for me is that after my computer busted I just laid off for a long time. All my images are trapped on a hard drive I can’t access until I buy a new Mac or do more serious homework on figuring out how to pull them out onto a Windows machine.

So, I’m starting over, which isn’t bad at all. Clean slate. Fresh stuff for my eyes and my head.
In my life, it’s much the same and totally changed. My wife is off in the Dolphin camping out by Lake Isabella, getting windblown and isolated, but I am pretty sure she’ll come back. Our little girl is going to have another baby in a little while and she seems to be doing well, all in all. That grandbaby is a pistol and I love him more than I know how to stand.

I am pretty serious about my Buddhism and my sitting practice now although I will try not to bore you with it too much. It is my main focus and how I try to live right and not harm others. I will let you know when I get enlightened.

I feel like I should say more here, but….

there it is.