Went out with da boys last night and saw “End of Watch.”


Yeah, it was formulaic and predictable and over the top supercop stuff, but they really did a bang-up job with the two cops, played by Jake Gyllenhal and Michael Pena. Those boys capture what it’s like to push a sled with a good partner- the banter, the ribbing, the love, the boredom and the thrill-seeking.

And they get at how good it is to go into the mouth of the lion with someone who’s got your back.

I fucking loved it.


The defendant took the stand yesterday on the last day of evidence. The prosecutor tore him up. It was beautiful to see. Dude was cool as a cucumber on direct, with his attorney holding his hand and leading him down the primrose path. He was looking at the jury, all smiles, and bashful glances, and heartfelt apologies. Only the barest edge of his temper glinted under the carefully groomed surface.

But when it was time for cross, things got ugly fast. Soon the defendant found himself in the tall weeds, looking over at his attorney, wild-eyed, for help.

There was none to be found.


I hope the jury could see him for what he is, but it’s not real easy. Guy is a handsome, articulate, intelligent dude. Pretty wife, lots of family and friends in the audience carrying his water.

But he’s a sociopath. Empty inside, except for a sense of self-regard and a disdain for others.

Makes you want to roll over him, you know?


Nice quiet weekend ahead of me. Clean the house. Walk the dog and the grandbaby. Do the shopping. Maybe cook a little something.

Take a nap.


Miss my old lady.

It could be worse.