How strange this world is.

We don’t think it is, mostly. We believe it to be mundane, almost changeless. We drift along, complacent, even bored. We stop seeing what’s around us at all.

Then, there you are, watching your house spin away into the sky.

Or maybe the sea rises up and engulfs your city.

Or you turn left at the grocery store and into the path of a giant tractor trailer.

Or you look at the keys in your hand, suddenly seeing them, really seeing them, as if for the first time. All they signify and all they hold for you.

These little epiphanies.

You can have as many as you like.

There isn’t any limit to them.

Maybe you shouldn’t wait only for the big one that comes at the end.

By you, I mean me.


You think they’re going to find life in the sub-glacial lakes in Antarctica? Lake Vostok, Lake Ellsworth, there’s probably more than five hundred of them known. Under miles of glacial ice, in the dark, under all that weight and pressure.

So far, everywhere there is water, life abounds. This holds true on our planet. If there is life in that cold, dark, isolated and changeless place, it might make a case for life existing anywhere you have liquid water. Like in the lakes trapped under the thick icesheets of Europa.

We’re just starting to look around this place.

We got no idea what’s going on.


I have this idea that the universe is pretty much the same all over. Everywhere we look, it looks like here.

My bet is the thing is teeming with life. There seems to be little reason to believe that our little insignificant chunk of rock out here in the tall weeds of the milky way is somehow special, so different that life arose only here. The number of planets with similar conditions to ours must be almost numberless, on a practical level.

And then I think about how tough life is. The many catastrophic extinction events our planet has experienced over hundreds of millions of years. In the P/K event, almost 95 percent of every living species was killed off.

A few million years later, the place was teeming with new life. Unless you knew better, you’d never even notice.

Even if we royally fuck this place up, life is going to roll right along without us. And consciousness will continue to rise and expand in other iterations. Conscious thought is the one really cool thing we brought to the party, but we’re not going to be the only form of life that tries it out.

Relax, man.

Everything really is going to be okay.


Today I’m hanging out in a still and silent home that has been cleaned from stem to stern. I’m alone with only the bull dog for company, and the whole glorious day in front of me with nothing to do.

Write. Make some art. Work in the garden. Eat a simple lunch.



Sometimes even my nervous little poodle brain takes the day off.