You’re not getting in.






Not with this guy working.



He knows you on sight. There’s no way he’s buying your bullshit tonight.


It’s the end of the fucking world man. You can tell your story walkin’, Christopher.




I’m reading Murakami’s 1Q84 right now. Don’t ruin it for me yet. I am having a hell of a time.


I love how he dresses his characters. I love what he puts in their refrigerators. I love the oddness of the world he creates. Just like this one, only a little bit off.


I’m sure there’s a lot of folks who know better than to read him. I’m not one of them.


just like Gilbert, or McCarthy, or any of those guys I love. They are all fucked up, that’s for sure.


So, sue me.




I don’t mean to come across as over-dramatic, but right now I feel like I’m facing the end of things. Dangerous creatures are moving under the surface. I can’t trust the old landmarks.

I am aiming to get undone, is what.




When you are swept downstream in a powerful current, you have but few choices. Most of them are bad and will end with you drowned.

Here’s what:


1. Point your feet downstream.

2. Leave go of what you’re holding on to.

3. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.

4. When it’s going hard, let go all the more. Get into the center of it, where it is the thickest and fastest moving.

5. don’t resist.

6. When it slows down a little, you might can strike for shore.

7. Don’t be a pussy about it. Light out for the sandy bank like your ass depends upon it, for it most surely does.

8. Get out before you tumble over the falls, or else try to enjoy the ride.



End of lecture.







I have acquired a lot of competencies.


There are none of which will save me now.






We are all to be undone by this, nor are you to be

the sole exception.