Today was a glorious day of wind and sunshine, of long walks on the cliffs and down to the sea, of weeding in the garden and cooking and eating and cleaning of the house. A day where the breeze and sunlight and dirt brought our bodies into life, where the air was sweet in our lungs and the day lay easy upon our bones.




The other day the Wild Woman of Borneo and I went out and met this goofy kid in the parking lot of a McDonalds and we bought his mashed-up 1998 Volkswagen Jetta with all the money my kid ever had at one time, plus another handful of greenbacks from me.

The window don’t roll up on one side. You have to open the back driver’s side door before you can open the driver’s door. The windshield is spider-webbed in the upper corner. It’s mostly black in color.


But it has mad rims. And low-profile tires. And a stereo system that makes the doors rattle for blocks around. And a stick shift.

The kid loves it. And the Woman on the Verge will be happy not to have to run her to drug court and parenting class five times a week.

We drove around our little burg all weekend, getting her to learn that stick shift mojo.


It ain’t easy.




My wife is buried in laundry and diapers and dishes and yard mess and every five seconds the kid runs up to her and gives her a screaming baby with a dirty diaper. And yet she makes beautiful jewelry, something new every day. Or some kind of art.

And she doesn’t murder us, not even when we deserve it.


“I’m so irritated right now, I could scream my fucking head off.”

-overheard near the kitchen.




I love her superbad.




I took the dog for a walk on the northern cliffs at Lone Palm after dinner. It was still warm and sunny and the wind was picking up. There were a couple of guys out on the rocks in the tidal zone, fishing for rockfish or blues or something. Gulls all in the air, screaming and careening. A lone egret in the weeds on the hill, a couple of black vultures in the tree line over a deer carcass near the highway. Sea lions on the exposed rocks, far from the fishermen.

I go to the place where the sea meets land and I feel the whole immensity of time on this small planet. Feel it in my bones.

Our troubles are but small.




I better go tend to my wife before she sets the house on fire.