I have a cold.


You should picture me in the kitchen, knife in hand, pot simmering on the O’Keefe & Merrritt. Drink in hand.


For the medicine in it.



Chinese Hot & Sour Soup. Chipotle black bean soup. Miso soup with ramen noodles and garlic. Garlic and Ginger soup with garden greens and lemon.


Vernor’s ginger soda.




Okay, the Chipotle Black bean soup was actually purchased while we roamed the farmer’s market looking for greens and eggs and stuff.


It hit the spot.




I don’t have the energy to post anything on the food blog. But if you want to try that Hot and Sour soup, you should head on over there. It is a damn good soup when you are feeling poorly.




I’m a big baby when I get sick.


Most of the rest of the time, too.