I got the day off from work so I am pretending that today is Valentine’s Day.


Gonna see if that Woman on The Verge will be my Valentine.


I sure hope she will.


I aim to woo her with fancypants cooking. I’m doing some David Chang Momofuku and Thomas Keller French Laundry fusion fu.


I love her so damn bad. It’s like I won the best lottery there ever was. Forget about a three-hundred million dollar powerball. You can have that weak ass shit.


I won her love.




We tried to take the grandbaby and the bulldog out for a walk on the cliffs, but it were too windy. We went up to the cemetery and walked under the creaking pines instead. It was sunny and blustery and cold. The little guy blinked in the bright sunlight and grunted and thrashed around a little bit, excited with all the noise and color of the outside world. The bulldog ran around and pooped and smelled stuff and looked over her shoulder every once in a while to make sure we were still there, then ran off a little ways again to eat some grass or take in a particularly compelling smell.

I thought about how nice it will be when I can retire and I can go for an hour long walk with the woman any old day I feel like.



I guess this blog is a old man’s blog now. Talking about grandbabies and retirement and taking long walks.

It’s what I love, though. A simple life, simply lived.


Go on and show me a luckier man. Point him out, I’d like to shake his hand.




My wish for you is to find the small things that bring you real pleasure, and just enjoy the hell out of them.