On my list:


  • clean the house
  • clean the body
  • clean the mind
  • get down on my knees in gratitude for every single second of my silly little life
  • pray for us all
  • expand my circle of compassion
  • let go of everything I don’t need to keep dragging around
  • accept myself exactly as I am
  • i mean, really accept myself.




It’s the year of the dragon.

Gonna be one wild ride.




It might be my midlife crisis rearing its ugly head, but I feel like something’s afoot inside me. A deepening of feeling, a richness and mellowness to my stance with the world. I guess we all get more like our true selves as we age. Although we’re all our true selves the whole time, aren’t we?


There is a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Probably every galaxy. The single most destructive force in the known universe powers the structures that give rise to all of life.

Scientists have mapped the overall structure of the universe and found that galaxies are grouped into clusters of galaxies, and that the clusters are grouped into supermassive structures called galactic filaments, hundreds of thousands of galaxies forming structures as large as a billion light years across.


Structurally similar to something on a much smaller scale:



That’s right, man.


Your freaking brain.




I’m just sayin’, is all.




Go get your new year on.