Last night I dreamed that there were two Batmans. The good one and his evil twin. But the evil batman was the Bruce Wayne guy, the rich and successful one, the one who helped society and gave money to the orphans and lived in a high rise penthouse overlooking Gotham. When the evil Batman got in his costume, he was huge and powerful and malevolent, mocking and derisive and as cruel as nature.

The good batman was a criminal for his day job, and he used all that inside information to try to strike a blow for justice when he was in his Batman costume. But his Batman costume was weak-sauce compared to the evil Batman’s. He didn’t have a jet pack or a rocket car or anything like that. He took the bus. Nobody really gave him a second look, his Batman persona was just a joke. People saw him and thought, “Crazy guy on the bus, don’t sit next to him, just hang on to the strap or go sit next to that fat guy who smells bad.”

Plus, the good Batman would always give the bad guys a break. He’d rescue the innocent when he could, and make things right, but when it came time to whomp up on the bad guy, the good Batman would just shake his head and sigh. Maybe he’d lock a guy up to a lamppost or something, you know, throw his car keys into the river, but that was about it.

He wouldn’t even lecture the guy.

Then in the morning he’d go back to his life of petty crime, which he was also kind of terrible at.

Bruce Wayne thought all of this was just about the funniest thing ever. He laughed all the time, it cracked him up.


It’s a quiet morning so far. The deck is wet from a heavy, spitting kind of morning drizzle, not quite rain, not quite fog alone. I’ve got some dark, hot, bitter coffee in me and I can hear the woman starting up in the other room, getting ready to paint I think.

I better go give her a hand.


I had this weather running through me all weak( hmm….freudian slip much?), anxious and worried, like there was something big I’d neglected to do.

Then, just like that, it blew out of town, left me feeling like it does after a good rain.


I won’t ever figure myself out, I don’t guess.