Piping hot espresso from the bialetti moka express. Hot whipped milk or soy and a big mug, drink until your ears ring.

Applewood smoked bacon, as much as will fit in your skillet.

French toast, but mix up some softened butter and brown sugar and once the pan is hot, drop a tablespoon of the butter sugar mixture in the pan. When it’s melted, drop in a couple of slices of the bread you’ve dredged in the milk and egg and cinnamon mixture. The sugar and butter will caramelize and give the toast a sweet candied crunch.

Mess of fried eggs with runny yolks.

Eat while reading the New Yorker and absentmindedly patting the dog’s head. Enjoy the companionable silence of your partner, interrupted only by the sounds of coffee slurping and fork-scraping against the plate.

After clean up, take the dog for a walk.

On second thought, walk the dog later.

Take a nap.