This post is for you.

I began this blog as a way to make a space for my writing and artwork and to wrestle with my demons and the things that interest me.

Then you showed up.

And you stood on the edge of the circle of light thrown off from the bonfire I was dancing around, and you watched. Smiled sometimes, cried others. You wandered off.

Came back.

Brought someone back with you. Maybe you brought a chair and cooler full of beers or a sweet-potato casserole.

And this place became something larger and grander than it started out to be.

It became holy.


So, this post is my dance of thanks to you for coming here, again and again, and adding your particular warmth and oddness to the circle. For sustaining me in my hours of darkness and indolence, sloth, stupidity, anger, desolation, despair.

I am the richer for it and I acknowledge the debt I owe to each one of you.


thank you.




(my god, this post is smarmy sounding. fuck it, though. it’s heartfelt and sometimes heartfelt sounds like a hallmark card written by a kitten. I can’t help it.)