One thing you can see on the palms and forearms and fingers of some murder victims is slashes and knife wounds known as defensive wounds. Your killer is coming at you with a knife or a machete and you hold up your hands in front of your face so that is what takes the brunt of the initial assault.

But then he gets to your throat or your heart or into your brain through your eyes and when you are laid out on the slab we will note those defensive wounds, you can be sure.

We know to look for them.


For the first 3.5 billion years of life on earth, it was just a bunch of single-cells floating around.


You couldn’t even see them with the naked eye, they were so small.

The whole planet lousy with them, but if you landed on it, you’d never know there was life at all.

It wasn’t on the right scale for us to apprehend.


We are limited by our own scale of size and temporality, so that everything that falls outside of our scale, which is 99.9 percent of the Universe, is beyond our ken.


It is little wonder we’re so inept.


God bless us, every one.