Last night I taught a little low-light shooting class. The Harries, Chapman, Rogers-Surefire, Marine Corps, Hargreaves, FBI, and Neck Index flashlight techniques.

You might think it’s pretty easy to hold a flashlight and a gun and hit what you’re aiming at.

It ain’t so.

Add to it that your own flashlight acts as a bullet magnet so you can only turn it on for a split second to identify your threat, then you have to shut it off and move somewhere else so when the bad guy tries to kill you, he’s shooting at where you were instead of where you are now, and it can get kind of complicated.

Plus, a dozen people running around in the dark with loaded guns where you can hardly see anything makes for a nervous instructing experience.


It was about the most fun I’ve had since I don’t know when.

Seeing the guys running and gunning, popping their lights on, making good hits, then scurrying to cover in the dark and popping out somewhere else, bang-bang, another bad-guy down.

Reloading in the dark. Clearing malfunctions.

Taking care of bidness.

Fucking awesome, is what.