It’s all good.
It’s a mistake to take it seriously.
The joke is on you.
Yesterday we moved shit around. Swapped bedrooms, moved her studio space back into Em’s old room, took back the master bedroom for ourselves. Another opportunity to clean and purge and simplify and pare down.
It becomes an addiction.
My mom called for help changing a lightbulb in her new fixture, which turned into a garden consult and a trip next door to her parent’s house to fix the computer mouse and the stove top burner and explain to Granddad how the dishwasher really works and why the nut holding the toilet seat to the commode isn’t actually reverse threaded, and etc.
It’s nice to be able to help in small ways.
I am off to another training class, but this time it’s in San Francisco and I am taking old girl with me.
Don’t expect to hear from us till we get back.
Meanwhile, today is long walkies, dog-bathing, gardening, late afternoon cocktails, and cooking the hell out of something good for dinner.
I am embarrassed at the abundance of my blessings.
May you be calm.
May you be at peace.
May you be happy.
Make it so, number one.