I got nothing to say.
We watched “Mountain Patrol” last night. It is about these men in Tibet who run an anti-poaching patrol in the highlands.
It seems that in the early 1990’s poachers decimated the Tibetan antelope population, knocking it from around a million down to a few thousand animals. So this group of men saddle up and go out looking for the poachers.
Anyway, the place is desolate and beautiful and it is kind of like trying to live on the moon.
It ain’t hospitable.
Add men with rifles who are hard cases.
Add pulmonary edema from high altitude sickness.
Add bad weather.
Take away food.
Take away fuel.
Take away roads.
Add quicksand, just for good measure.
It was breathtaking the way these men died, and near every one of them did before the movie ended.
Their deaths stay with me.
Yesterday my buddy called to tell me about a shooting. This guy we used to work with moved to another city a few years ago and last week he got in a real hairy one.
He come out alright.
Two nights ago I could not sleep. The dog got me up at two AM and that were it. So I laid there and remodeled the house. Put in new windows, redid the entire bathroom- moved the commode, put in a new tub, laid down octagonal tile on the floor and subway tiled the walls. Redid the kitchen and laundry room. New washer and dryer, water heater, fridge. New floors throughout.
After that I ran through all the murders I’ve had a piece of. I think I remembered most of them.
It was more than I thought.
I am at war with myself of late and will ask nor give no quarter.
It is to the death.