1. Cormac McCarthy for The Border Trilogy

2. Terrence Malick for Days of Heaven and Badlands
3. Jack Gilbert for The Great Fires
5. Tom Waits for everything
6. Jared Diamond for Guns, Germs, and Steel
7. John McPhee for Basin and Range
8. Ernest Hemmingway for all of it he put down.
9. Flannery O’Connor for The Violent Bear it Away
10. John Kennedy Toole for A Confederacy of Dunces
11. Sogyal Rinpoche for The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and Overcoming Spiritual Materialism.
12. Johannes Vermeer for thirty-six paintings.
13. Joel and Ethan Coen for The Big Lebowski and Fargo
14. Werner Herzog complete filmography
15. Thomas Moore
16. Bill Moyers
17. Joseph Campbell for The Hero With A Thousand Faces
18. Jack Kornfield for After The Ecstasy , The Laundry
19. David Gordon Green for George Washington and All The Real Girls
20. Linda Manz for Days of Heaven