The wild woman of Borneo showed up after a week long absence. She grabbed a bag of clothes, some makeup, and skeedaddled. Afraid we’d call her probation officer, maybe.
She looked good.
She hugged us both. Even me.
We are having left over duck in orange chipotle sauce and some goat cheese bruchettas and a green salad with lemon anchovy garlic dressing. Some olives, a head of roasted garlic, a bottle of wine.
The little woman made us a peach crisp for after.
It’s cooling on the windowsill.
I am all twisted up. Happy, mournful, put-out, mellow. Running hot and cold like weather that don’t know how to make up its mind.
I aim to stupefy myself with good food and wine, see if I cain’t pin that woman up against something.