I sometimes believe that I am Beat Takeshi.
This is the poster from a movie we did together, “Kill Bucket.”


You probably haven’t seen it.
That’s okay.
He plays a depressed detective who is forced to take a vacation when his bosses realize he hasn’t cleared a case in two years. He and his wife travel to the US, where they visit her younger brother in Los Angeles. The three of them go out for drinks, and Beat gets so drunk his wife puts him in a cab and sends him back to the hotel. 
When he wakes up in the morning, he sees on the news that his brother-in-law has been murdered, his body dumped in an alley. There’s no sign of his wife. 
Beat goes to the cops and gets put with the detective working the case. Beat wants to find his wife before she ends up dead, but he’s got to convince the local cops he’s not the one who killed his brother-in-law.
Lots of drinking, brooding, and shooting ensues. 
It’s a buddy movie for misanthropic, violent depressives.
Catch it at your nearest indie movie rental place. 
Look in the bargin bin.