34x 34 inches
Housepaint, paper, charcoal, fiber, wax on canvas.
“You have one day.”
They always issue an ultimatum. 
Yesterday I made the tower of babel in ceramics class. I will show it to you when it is finished. It is so coool. 
My wife makes stuff like it just pops out from between her fingertips. 
‘pop!’       a bowl
‘pop!’      another bowl.
‘pop!’      a crazy plate.
‘pop!’     the cathedral at Notre Dame.
She are an artist.
When you are sixteen you are supposed to come home late and all fucked up and high and then say
 “What? What? What?” 
“I am not high! 
I am not fucked up. 
I’m going to bed!”
I dunno. Some reason today, I’m having a great time.