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Took Cash out to Lone Palm early this morning. The sea was up and wind-whipped, nearly black with vivid whitecaps aglow in the changing light, the sky above dark and racing with heavy thunderclouds dumping rain out over the sea, the grasses leaping and flattening, swirling and twisting.

A solitary egret on the wind-swept plain stood his ground against the wind.

We made our way across the cliffs as the weather kicked up around us. Rain began to spit, blown in from over the sea, then fell hard and dense. I huddled in the lee of a rock outcropping and held Cash against my side as the water and freezing wind broke over the rocks and swirled around us.

Soon it began to hail.


For ten minutes we huddled in the lee of the rocks, breathless, as the squall passed over us.

I have rarely felt so alive.