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Last night my beautiful wife and I went out to dinner at Robin’s. It was really nice, good food and all, but we both noticed that the sound of everyone talking was too much for us. A baby crying off and on, the two teachers at the table next to ours talking break room shop stuff; it was driving us crazy.

Man, are we spoiled.

Lately all I want to do is listen to silence.


We get to have our daughter home this week! Tomorrow we banzai down to Los Olivos to pick her up in the morning, then we get to keep her for a whole week!

I’m so proud of that kid. She can’t stand me right now, but I know it’s just a phase, part of her figuring out how to be independent. Like she hasn’t been working on that since she popped out of her mom.

Anyway, she is full of light and love. Everywhere she goes the sun follows. Birds come down from the trees and sit at her feet, chirping and cooing gladly. Deer eat from her hand. Grizzly bears roll on their backs to get their bellies rubbed.

She is a wonder.


She has a boyfriend.



My big shortcoming. I struggle with it daily. It shows me such an ugly, stupid side of myself. Driving is terrible. I have a hard time letting go and “going with the flow.” I am convinced that I should be able to direct the movements of every vehicle around me so that maximum efficiency is created.

My wife hates my driving.

She used to say I was a terrible driver. But now she says I drive fine, she just hates the way I do it.


Here’s one thing I do that I love:

I am the creator of “Isolation Zone Driving.” Every day I commute along the two lane highway One between Cayucos and Cambria, about fifteen miles or so. As we approach the place where the four lanes narrow to two, I space myself between groups of cars, either speeding up madly to pass a group, or slowling dramatically to let a group pass. The goal is to have no visible cars in front of me or behind me in my lane as I drive the fifteen miles.

Often this requires that I pull over and let cars pass me. Or if I’ve got room in front, I have to speed up so that no one gets in my ‘zone.’ Overall speed is irrelevant, even forward progress. All that matters is that the road is “clean.”

So. That’s a little bit weird.


I’ve got the day off. I’m shooting pics and doing artwork. The dogs are begging to go for a walk, but it’s been raining and I am steadfast in my determination to continue fucking off.


Aye, Wobot! is a wonder. That guy kills me.