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In a beautiful routine here lately. I go to work, which is right now mindless and easy, then I come home and hang out with my perfect wife and our flawed dogs. Do artwork, watch movies on the sofa, go for long walks in the woods or on the beach, once a week go into town for shopping, eat at the Natural Cafe, go to the bookstores. Hit the gym a few times a week, yoga class, the library…

Happy. Stable. Calm. Like the river, after it has run down the mountainside and it stretches out onto the flatlands, how it slows down, gets all curvy and mellow…it’s still going to the sea, it’s still doing its thing, it just isn’t in a big hurry right now.

I’ll take it. Nice deep breath.

Thank you, whoever you are. I am humbled and grateful.

Please don’t smash me with a rock or anything.

I mean, if that’s okay with you.