I once saw a machine whose purpose was to
represent a yellow chair
that exploded into four pieces which flew
out into four corners and then
into a yellow chair.

The machine was hidden in the black background.
The machine embraced the pieces and flung them about.
The machine was hidden and flung the yellow chair into pieces.
The pieces rejoined. The machine rejoined them.

In the midst of an autopsy I have always made a point
to tell the funniest joke I know and also to make Doc Walker
explain again the parts of the brain as he slices through them.
I tell him that the machine makes representations
of a yellow chair. I ask him if he can show me how
to put the yellow chair back together again
after the big show of flinging it all around.

He tells me the brain weighs this many grams.
He shows me the corpus callosum. The beautiful medulla